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Top Tips For Making A Pizza Healthy

One of the most loved foods on the market these days is pizza. There's little doubt that millions of people have this tasty food regularly. However, if you're trying to be healthier, you may want to make some serious adjustments to your pizza. Knowing how to make your pizza taste great and have fewer processed ingredients is a great idea.

1. Use more vegetables

Adding a wide range of vegetables to your pizza can automatically place it in a healthier range. You can pick and choose the ones you love the most and add these as your pizza toppings.

Some top ideas include bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce, cucumbers, and many more. Having a plethora of vegetables on your pizza can taste great and lower the fat content.

2. Choose the right crust

Using a crust that is a healthier option is a fantastic idea. One thing you can do is choose whole wheat flour as your pizza crust and this will add great flavor to your pizza.

Doing this will provide a heartier and healthier base for your pizza. Whole wheat may have fewer calories and be a much better option for this meal.

3. Rely on portion control

One of the things that cause a pizza to be laden with fat and calories is the size of the portions you have on it. It's a much better idea to use smaller pieces if you wish to have a healthier pizza.

Keep in mind keeping the caloric count down on the pizza will automatically qualify it for being healthier. You'll want to avoid packing on the toppings if you wish to make this possible.

4. Select low-fat cheese

The type of cheese you put on your pizza can make a massive difference in just how healthy it may be. You'll want to avoid using a cheese that's loaded in fat and calories for the best results.

You can do this by selecting a low-fat cheese that has fewer calories and less fat.

Working to make your pizza one that you're proud of and that offers you the best taste possible is ideal. This is a food that will never get old, and you can cook it a couple of times a week for you and your family. Choosing the healthy version is the ideal way to go if you're interested in maintaining your weight or simply keeping your cholesterol in check.

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