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3 Fun Ways To Watch The Big Game

No matter what season it is, there is always a sport that is in full swing. Whether it is football, basketball, or baseball season, there is always a big game to watch. If you don't want to watch the big game at home all by yourself, there are plenty of other ways to watch it.

Here are three fun ways to watch the big game.

1. Go to a Sports Bar

Your neighborhood sports bar is a great place to watch the big game. Not only can you enjoy the game on one of several big-screen televisions, you can hang out with your friends, eat a burger, and have a few beers. Another advantage of going to a sports bar is you can also watch other televised games.

One of the best parts about going to a sports bar is the fun atmosphere. If the team is from your city or state, chances are there will be plenty of people at the bar cheering right along with you. If you do plan on drinking at the sports bar while watching the game, make sure you have a designated driver, or get a ride from a ridesharing company or taxi.

2. Host a Party at Your House

If you have friends that like sports just as much as you do and you have a big-screen TV, why not host a party at your house for the big game? Even if you're not all cheering for the same team, it can still be a lot of fun. You can ask everyone who attends to dress in the colors of the team they are cheering for.

If you don't want to be in charge of getting all the food (because every party needs food), you can turn it into a potluck. As the host, volunteer to cook the main course and then have your friends bring side dishes and desserts. Some ideas for the main course include chili, mini burgers, grilled hot dogs, chicken wings, or barbecued meatballs.

3. See the Game Live in Person

Whether you go with your family, a friend, or a whole group of people, seeing the game live in person is an incredibly fun experience. Besides the people that you go to the sporting event with, you'll probably make new friends with the people sitting next to you. Some sporting events even provide entertainment during halftime or between breaks. You might even find yourself on the famous fancam.

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