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Why You Should Occasionally Choose A Vegetarian Lunch For Your Office

When you hire a catering service to provide lunch for your office, it's customary to choose a few dishes that contain meat, and then provide a vegetarian option for those who follow this diet. Choosing just one vegetarian option doesn't necessarily suggest that you're being insensitive to vegetarians — after all, only five percent of Americans are vegetarian, so there might only be a few vegetarians among the large staff of your office. Even if you love eating meat, it can be advantageous to occasionally provide a catered lunch that is entirely made up of vegetarian options. Here's why.

You're Putting The Vegetarians First

There's little doubt that when you announce that the next catered lunch will be vegetarian, the vegetarians in your office will be happy. Furthermore, they may feel as though you're catering to them a little — instead of always catering to the meat eaters. The vegetarians who perhaps feel as though you view them as an afterthought may change their point of view once you decide to provide an entirely vegetarian lunch. They may also be excited to share their dietary choice with their peers, perhaps trying to show people the enjoyment that can come from eating a meat-free diet.

You're Helping To Expand Others' Culinary Horizons

A lot of people who eat meat might feel as though they wouldn't enjoy a vegetarian diet, but haven't necessarily experimented with many vegetarian dishes in the past. When you order a vegetarian catered lunch, you're giving your meat-eating staff members a chance to experience this type of cuisine to see if it resonates with them. Someone who is a committed meat eater may be pleasantly surprised at how satiated he or she feels after consuming a variety of vegetarian dishes over the lunch break.

You're Helping Your Employees' Nutrition

Some types of food can cause people to feel sluggish and tired, making them bad choices for a workplace catered lunch. One good thing about consuming vegetarian food is that eating it can often create an energetic feeling. Nut butters, hummus, and lentils are all vegetarian foods that can boost peoples' energy, so you'll want to talk to your caterer about choosing dishes that contain these ingredients. Salads can also provide plenty of nutrition without causing your employees to feel too full and sluggish. As an employer, you'll be pleased to see a workforce that is energetic and ready to work after eating lunch.

To find out more about the benefits of vegetarian meals, contact a catering business in your area, such as Moxies Downtown