The Restaurant Experience

Ordering Pizza For A Large Group At A Restaurant

If you're planning to go out to dinner with a large group, it is a good idea to go out for pizza. Everyone tends to like pizza, it's affordable, and pizza restaurants tend to have a relaxed atmosphere that's ideal for large groups. Here are a few tips to ensure your large-group pizza-eating experience is a good one.

Have one person order the pizzas.

If you are all ordering pizzas to share, make things easier for your server by having one person place the order. You can all discuss what types of pizza and which toppings to order before the server comes to take your order. Then, write down what you plan to order so that you don't forget. You can then read the order off to the server — or even hand them your hand-written list if your order is complicated. With this strategy, you're more likely to get the order correct, and you won't have to worry about several people speaking over one another as your server tries to take the order.

Order a variety of smaller pies rather than one or two large ones.

If you have about ten people in your group, your instinct may be to order two large or extra-large pizzas. But you should also consider an alternative: ordering several smaller pies instead. Small pizzas tend to be easier to cut. The slices are smaller and easier to hand out across a busier table. Plus, you can more easily arrange four small pizzas around the table than two extra-large ones. Order different toppings on each of the smaller pizzas so that everyone can enjoy their favorite — and everyone has a chance to try something new, too.

Consider having your pizzas brought out a few at a time.

Especially if the restaurant is a little busy and seats are close, you may worry about squeezing all of the pizzas onto the table. You can get around this issue by having your server bring the pizzas out a couple at a time. For example, they can bring out your pepperoni pizza and your pineapple pizza. Everyone can enjoy those, and then a few minutes later, your server can bring out the sausage pizza and the onion pizza as a second course.

Eating pizza with a large group can be really fun and tasty. Follow the tips above, and you'll want to do it again and again.