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Top Your Steak With One Of These Sauces

When you order a steak at a steakhouse, you can generally expect the meat to be seasoned lightly. While many steak connoisseurs enjoy eating their meat without any additional ingredients, steakhouses typically give patrons the option to order sauce with their steak. Sometimes, the sauce will come on the steak. In other cases, you'll get a small cup of the sauce that you can drizzle over your own steak — and perhaps over your mashed or baked potato, too. Here are some sauces that you may enjoy on your steak.


Although you'll sometimes encounter chimichurri served with other meats at various restaurants, it's a common sauce that you can often order with your steak. A large quantity of diced parsley gives this South American sauce a green color, and it also contains ingredients such as olive oil and garlic. Some chimichurri sauces are on the spicier side, although this sauce typically has a mild flavor. If you enjoy the taste of parsley and you favor a light sauce for your steak rather than a heavier, cream-based sauce, chimichurri can be an option to consider.

Steak Sauce

Another option that is widely available at steakhouses is steak sauce, which can differ in taste but generally has a reddish-brown color. Steak sauce is typically tomato-based but also contains sugar. In some establishments, you may find that it tastes a little like ketchup, albeit not as sweet and with more of a tang — thanks to ingredients such as garlic and vinegar. You can buy bottled steak sauce in your local supermarket, and while some steakhouses may use a commercial sauce of this type, others will make it in-house. Because the taste of steak sauce can vary, don't hesitate to ask your server to describe the flavor of the sauce for you or perhaps even give you a sample.

Bearnaise Sauce

If you're looking for a sauce option that is on the heavier side and will help to leave you feeling full at the end of your meal, bearnaise sauce can be an option to explore. This sauce has a yellowish appearance, thanks to the inclusion of egg yolks. Other ingredients include butter and vinegar. If you're getting a steak that is on the leaner side, you might wish to consider bearnaise sauce to add a rich flavor to each bite. This sauce can also be appealing to drizzle over grilled vegetables if you order them as a side dish.

Visit a steakhouse restaurant in your area to try these sauces.