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Pizza Party Pleasers: How To Plan A Pizza Party That Stands Out From The Rest

When it comes to parties, it is no secret that pizza is a favorite food among both adults and children. Deciding to serve pizza at a party makes meal preparation as easy as stopping by your local pizza restaurant and picking up a take-out order. Putting a little creativity into your party planning will make your pizza party a fun and memorable experience for every guest.

Formal pizza parties

You may not always associate take-out pizza with an elegant party, but pizza can be a fun option for a formal-style dinner party. In fact, pizza is a perfect partner for many fine wines, beer, and mixed drinks and is a refreshing change from formal dinner party food. Set an elegant table complete with your best dinnerware, glassware, silverware, and a beautiful tablecloth to serve your pizza in a formal style.

Themed pizza parties

What could be more fun than hosting a themed pizza party? Plan a sports-themed pizza party to watch the big game and request all your guests wear their favorite team apparel to provide some fun competition. Pizza is perfect for serving at a sport's themed event and can easily be served right out of the box in the living room or family room.

You can also throw a movie night pizza party. Have each guest dress up as their favorite movie character for additional fun. Serve a type of pizza based on the location where the movie takes place, such as New York or Chicago-style pizza.

Creative pizza parties

Ask your local pizza restaurant if you can purchase a few rolls of unbaked crust to throw a fun and creative pizza party at home for your guests. Pizza restaurants also may be willing to sell you toppings and sauce or you can purchase them at the local store. Gather in the kitchen and enjoy some engaging conversation as you create a delicious pizza for dinner. 

Pizza tasting parties

Order a variety of pizzas when hosting a pizza tasting party and decide which one is the best. Be bold and order several pizzas you have never tried before to keep things interesting. Allow each guest to sample the various pizzas and vote on which one they enjoyed the most.

It is hard to find anything as good as pizza when it comes to party planning. Not only does everyone enjoy pizza, but it also makes preparing for a party easy and stress-free. Your local pizza restaurant will do all the work and you get to focus on spending time with your guests. For more information, contact a company like Original Italian Pizza Pa.