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3 Ways To Use Tortilla Chips With Mexican Restaurant Meals

When you dine at a Mexican restaurant, you will often enjoy chips and salsa before any part of the meal. The tortilla chips do not have to remain limited to just the first course. As you enjoy appetizers and main courses, learn some unique ways to use tortilla chips and enhance the way you eat.

Check out some ways to use tortilla chips the next time you dine out at a Mexican restaurant. One of the methods may become your new favorite way to enjoy tortilla chips.

1. Soup Dippers

If you order any type of soup at a Mexican restaurant, then you can enhance the way you eat the soup with tortilla chips. Try to dip the chips directly in the soup and enjoy the bites of chips. If the soup is too hot at first, the chips allow you to enjoy the flavors without the need to take full bites right away.

Along with dips, you could crush a few chips right into the soup and add a similar texture. The chips could act as a replacement for saltines or oyster crackers.

2. Mini-Nacho Bites

Once you get served your main course, consider using some of the sides to create mini-nachos with any tortilla chips you have left over. For example, you could scoop a little rice and beans right onto a chip and enjoy the bites of food. Consider adding other elements like cheese, meats, or sour cream.

The chips serve as an ideal way to hold the food and provide different textures while you eat. You could do this with just a few chips or transform your whole meal into nacho-style dining.

3. Crushed Chips

If you choose a salad for your main curse, then you could enhance the meal with tortilla chips. Once you get served your salad, crush a few of the tortilla chips right over the bowl and mix them in. The tortilla chips add a nice crunch and texture to each bite. The salt on the tortilla chips adds a nice flavor as well.

You can add extra chips as you eat through your salad and add some more crunch to the bite. Along with salads, consider the same method for any type of bowl meal served at a Mexican restaurant. For example, you could crush up chips on a taco bowl that includes meat, cheese, salsa, and avocado.

If you run out of chips during the first course, ask for extras so you have plenty to mix in with your other meal options. Try out each method and see some of the ways you can use tortilla chips when you eat out at a Mexican restaurant — such as El Indio Mexican Restaurant.