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Healthy Beverages To Enjoy At A Cafe

A local cafe can be a good place to visit in all sorts of scenarios. You might enjoy dropping in quickly to pick up a hot drink and a baked good for your workday breakfast, meeting friends for coffee, or even going on a date at this casual eatery. Lots of cafes carry a wide range of sweet treats that can be tantalizing, but you may occasionally want to order something healthier to eat or drink. Look for any of these healthy beverages during your next cafe visit. 

Nutrient Shot

Nutrient shots are common at many cafes. Some cafes carry bottled nutrient shots, while others make their own in-house. This type of drink, which you'll sometimes also see labeled as a wellness shot, features a small number of ingredients that are known for their health benefits. For example, you'll often see a shot that features turmeric, fresh ginger, carrot juice, and more. People don't usually sip nutrient shots. As their name indicates, this is a drink that you consume in one gulp. There are all sorts of different nutrient shots that are popular, including some that are packed with ingredients that are good for your immune system, making this a drink that can be smart to order during cold and flu season.

Green Tea

In addition to carrying all sorts of black and herbal teas, your local cafe almost certainly has green tea on its menu. The health benefits of green tea are quite extensive. Among other things, this hot beverage may improve your cardiovascular health and even help with weight loss. A lot of people drink their green tea plain, rather than adding cream and sugar as you may with other teas. In the summer, when you might not want a hot beverage, consider ordering a cold brew green tea from your local cafe.

Coconut Water Beverages

Coconut water is an increasingly popular healthy beverage that people enjoy at home and in cafes. This is a beverage that is dense in nutrients, which can have a positive effect on your health in many different areas. Depending on what cafe you visit, it may have several different coconut water options on its menu. For example, you might want to experience the plain version of this drink by buying it in a bottle or carton. Alternatively, some cafes offer fresh fruit smoothies that use coconut water as their base.

Try one or more of these healthy beverages at a cafe in your area, such as Kool Bean Coffee.