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Make These Decisions When You Order Salsa

When you visit a Mexican eatery, a good way to begin your dining experience is with a basket of corn chips and a bowl of salsa. Whether you're with one person or amongst a group, chips and salsa can be a tasty appetizer to enjoy while you wait for your main course. At a lot of Mexican establishments, you'll have the option of choosing what type of salsa you want. It can be fun to browse your options, consult with your dining partners, and decide what salsa you'll all enjoy. Here are some decisions to make as you narrow down your options.

Spice Level

The spice level in salsa can vary a lot. Most salsas contain one or more types of hot peppers, such as jalapenos or habaneros, which play a role in the spiciness of the salsa. People who enjoy more moderate tastes will want to choose a salsa that is light on spice. However, if you and your group decide that you want something that is a lot more fiery, you'll generally have a few different options. A salsa that is rated as hot or extra hot may be the right choice for your table — just make sure everyone has a drink to diffuse the heat when the salsa arrives.


Another thing to consider before you order your salsa is what consistency you want it to have. This is another attribute that varies between types of salsa. In some salsas, the ingredients are diced very finely to give the salsa a smooth consistency. Other salsas feature ingredients that are more roughly chopped, which gives them a chunky texture. Either type can work well for dipping corn chips, but some people have preferences. For example, you might favor the latter type because you enjoy getting bigger chunks of certain ingredients.


Although lots of salsas are known for being spicy, it's also common for this Mexican dish to have sweet flavor notes. Browse the ingredients in a few different salsas to get a sense of which product might offer the sweetness your group wants. A salsa that contains diced mango or pineapple, for example, will offer a high level of sweetness. Some salsas contain kernels of corn, which offers some gentle sweet flavor notes. Discuss these topics with your dining group to determine what salsa you wish to order — and don't forget that you can order two different types if doing so would please your group.

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